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                         I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, lived in Salt Lake City, Utah for 15 years, and have recently moved back to Cincinnati. Much of my work is influenced by worlds far away filled with towering mountains, giant roaming monsters, shape shifting reptiles, and other colorful characters. The natural world here on Earth also inspires me with its wide array of creatures and landscapes as well as music, other artists, my friends, and my family.


I attended the University of Utah studying Environmental and Sustainability Studies which opened up many doors. As a species we continue to have an enormous impact on our planet through our growth and consumption. We must consider this impact on the beings around us and future generations. I dream of a day when we live in sync with the world around us, not at its expense. The pursuit of a more sustainable life drives my work and vice versa. Walks in the woods and mountain views keep my mind and my work fresh. There is always so much to learn.


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